The Team


COMMUNITY AFFAIRS & MARKETING: Kelly Marks is a longtime activist in national and local eldercare and Alzheimer’s organizations.


ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR: plans musical and other entertainment, holiday meals, seasonal decorations, birthday events, special ballgame-day activities, etc.

CERTIFIED DIETITIAN: reviews and annually approves our four sets of weekly rotating menus.

PURCHASING: Vicki Cotaya manages grocery and supply inventories and coordinates weekly with our four House Managers for restocking needs.

HOUSE MANAGERS: eldercare veterans who double as personnel managers, family liaisons and assistants to visiting doctors and Home Care/Hospice nurses.

CAREGIVERS: experienced and trained in all forms of assistance to our residents, including annual dementia training sessions.

DEMENTIA TRAINER & CONSULTANT: Jo Huey—nationally known author and speaker on Alzheimer’s care—advises our director and trains our staff. Get to know Jo.

REMINISCENCE THERAPIST: Laura Phillips, LCSW of the Akula Foundation. Get to know Akula.

MEDICATIONS MANAGER: Monique Brannon, RN. Get to know Monique.

LSU SCHOOL OF NURSING PROGRAM: director, Katherine Carter, RN. Get to know the program at

DOCTOR OF PODIATRY: Mary T. Sheriff, DPM visits often to administer our residents’ all-important foot care. Get to know Mary at