The LSUHSC School of Nursing has formed a working relationship with Academy House LLC’s Residential Care Homes that allows a wonderful interaction between our student nurses and the residents of Academy’s four homes in Metairie. There the nursing students learn assessment, observation and communication skills with residents in a home setting and fulfill their home health experience. Nursing students visit the residences one day a week for three hours a day and are able to complete physical assessments and observations of resident, while providing residents with activities such as games, reminiscing, music, art, dancing and walking.

This relationship has proved to be positive for both the students, the residents, and the caregivers in the residences. Students are able to gain experience in caring for residents’ physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being. Most importantly the students receive hands-on experience of learning communication skills with residents, families, and caregivers. LSUHSC School of Nursing faculty are committed to continuing this relationship and thank Academy House and its staff for their continued support of LSUHSC nursing students.

Katherine Carter RN, DNP, MSN, PHCNS-BC

Program Director DNP Public Community Health Nursing
Clinical Instructor
LSUHSC School of Nursing